Promises Promises Released 18/11

It’s always a tense and nervous time when you’re heading for release time. 18 months of hard work and finger shredding playing gets distilled into a few succinct sentences by reviewers.

You can pretend and say you don’t care but that’s not really the truth. I want people to like what we’ve done, at least appreciate it.

So I’m delighted that the initial reaction is really really positive so just a quick note on behalf of me, GavGav and Tomcat to say thanks!

Thanks Rocksound! (7/10 review and comparisons with some of our favourite bands!)

Thanks Front! (see earlier post)

Thanks Kerrang! (in their top 10 tracks rocking their stereo this week)

Thanks 7 bit arcade -

Thanks Get Your Rock Out! -

We really appreciate it

Darren x

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