2000 TREES

Hello you, again I find myself writing ‘it’s been a while’. Sorry ’bout that.

Anyways, a quick post to say we’ve been announced on the bill for 2000 Trees. This is a good thing. Look at the lineup!2000trees line up poster - 20.03.14

That’s all


Promises Promises CDs NOW AVAILABLE!

You can now buy the CD of PromisesPromises from either the Field Records website or from our Store (click the tab above)




Pre-order PromisesPromises

You can now pre-order PromisesPromises ahead of release on 18/11/13 for just £5.00 (download) from here: http://fieldrecords.bandcamp.com/album/promises-promises

If you’re all about the hard copy, don’t panic, they’re on their way!

PromisesPromisesD x

Promises Promises Released 18/11

It’s always a tense and nervous time when you’re heading for release time. 18 months of hard work and finger shredding playing gets distilled into a few succinct sentences by reviewers.

You can pretend and say you don’t care but that’s not really the truth. I want people to like what we’ve done, at least appreciate it.

So I’m delighted that the initial reaction is really really positive so just a quick note on behalf of me, GavGav and Tomcat to say thanks!

Thanks Rocksound! (7/10 review and comparisons with some of our favourite bands!)

Thanks Front! (see earlier post)

Thanks Kerrang! (in their top 10 tracks rocking their stereo this week)

Thanks 7 bit arcade - http://www.7bitarcade.com/music/article/album-review-kill-chaos-promisespromises/

Thanks Get Your Rock Out! - http://getyourrockout.co.uk/wp/album-reviews/album-reviews/kill-chaos-promisespromises/?utm_content=buffer7599b&utm_source=buffer&utm_medium=twitter&utm_campaign=Buffer

We really appreciate it

Darren x

Handsome Boys In Front Magazine

We’re delighted to have been chosen by Front Magazine for new tunes Tuesday. They mentioned us alongside some damn cool bands too: Future of the Left and Biffy Clyro.

Thanks Front!

You can read it here: http://www.frontarmy.com/music/new-tunes-tuesday-kill-chaos-boy-done-good/

Announcement #2

Whilst we’re in the mood for sharing…

We’re thrilled to FINALLY show you the artwork for our album PromisesPromises.

The album will be released by http://www.field-records.com/store/ on 18th November


More details of pre-order/digital as we get them.

Big thanks to Maxrockart and Tekelphotos for their contributions….

D x


We are absolutely beyond excited to announce that we will be the main support to Jamie Lenman (ex Reuben) on his December ‘comback’ tour in support of his new album.

We have been massive Reuben fans for many years and the band has had a massive influence on our ethics as well as our songwriting so to be personally asked by Jamie means the world.

Tickets to all the shows are available online from 9am, Friday 27 September:


04 Brighton Green Door Store
05 Birmingham Temple
06 Glasgow Tuts
07 Manchester Night and Day
08 Bristol Thekla
09 London Garage

See you at the front….

D x

Interview with AMusicBlogYeah

I made some words in answer to some words formed as sentences with question marks against them.

In it, I call Tom an idiot, mention our album a gazillion times, gain and lose cool points and do a bit of honesty.

It’s here: amusicblogyea.com/?p=17646


D x

BOY DONE GOOD (official video)

Here it is at last. Massive thanks to Jason Waterz at Trace Me Inc and all the crew there….

Enjoy, share, comment!

back in the room…..

….so with the new tracks almost complete & the album on the horizon, we’re in the process of getting some more gigs booked – check the gigs page for details, more to come….